The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey

Founded on 23 January 1995 under the leadership of Suna Kıraç, Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) evolved into the most widespread NGO in Turkey operating in the field of education since its inauguration 15 years ago.

TEGV has set out with the belief that "The prerequisite for seeing brighter faces in the future of Turkey is to provide the best education opportunities available for children." TEGV's reason of existence is to contribute to and supplement the formal education that the State provides to 7-16 year-old children, and to equip our children with life skills.

The objective of Educational Volunteers is to create and implement educational programs and extracurricular activities for children, so that they can acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes to become rational, responsible, self-confident, peace-loving, inquisitive, cognizant individuals who can put their inner creativity to use, commit to the basic principles and values of the Turkish Republic, and respect diversity of all kinds, including gender, racial, religious, language diversity.

With the help of its dedicated volunteers, Educational Volunteers implements its original education programs in a variety of different activity locations (Education Parks, Learning Units, Firefly Mobile Education Units) throughout the country.

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